Trio survive griffith boat capsizing

Trio survive griffith boat capsizing

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It seems that life got a little simpler for the Griffith’s crew Monday when their boat capsized off the coast of Victoria, British Columbia.

Officials said that a griffith boat capsized late Saturday after being swamped by waves. The Griffith team was preparing for an evening swim when the boat capsized, and the capsized crew members swam out to the shore to rescue t우리카지노he stricken boat.

The Griffith team said that they lost contact with their boat because of the weight of the sea conditions.

“My life was ruined by the weight of that whale. It’s just so바카라mething we won’t ever forget,” said one of the boat members, Joe O’Hara.

The Griffith team lost contact with the boat shortly after 11:55 p.m. due to “massive winds and waves,” the team said on Twitter.

The Coast Guard took over rescue operations and is expected to stay out of the rescue and recovery efforts on Monday, according to the Victoria Herald Examiner.

“We’ve not gotten anything. We’re not going to be able to retrieve it, as we’re on a rescue operation. All we have is some life jackets, as we’ve lost them,” said the injured boat member.

After getting off the Griffith boat they went to the area that the Griffith boat is currently standing. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Sea Shepherd, the charity organization that helped raise more than $1.4바카라 million for the Griffith boat, are in the area helping to look for the missing vessel.

ABC News’ Lauren Cavanaugh contributed to this story.

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