In contrast, travelling in a group means that you

Emily Bamforth reports this is this first phase of a multistep plan to “repopulate” campus.University of Akron: The University of Akron on Wednesday released a revised plan to reorganize 11 colleges into five to offset anticipated revenue losses of about $65 million attributed to the coronavirus pandemic, Robin Goist reports.Personal data: Personal data of Ohioans who filed for unemployment was compromised by the company contracted to build a new filing program, Seth Richardson reports. An email sent Wednesday by the department to filers for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance said two dozen individuals had access to wholesale jerseys the personal data, which included names, Social Security numbers, addresses and the award total.Overdoses: The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner has issued a public health alert as Cuyahoga County experienced an increase in deaths attributed to drug overdoses in the days since Ohio eased coronavirus restrictions. Adam Ferrise reports nine people died from suspected overdoses between late Saturday and late Monday.CleanPlus: United Airlines is partnering with the Cleveland Clinic and Clorox in a new program designed to ease the fears of nervous flyers, Susan Glaser reports.

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